Flow & Restore Digital Detox Weekend with Peter Walters + Leia Layus

September 19-22, 2019

Join Peter Walters and Leia Layus for a long weekend away from the city -- and your devices!

Are you in need of some nature, or maybe just a pause from your daily routines? Picture birds chirping, vast farm land to wander, a pond and a little beach to lay your body down, 2x daily practices, both strong + nourishing, of vinyasa and restorative yoga, meditation, good wine and some of the best food you've ever tasted!

But that's not all...this weekend won't be all rainbows and unicorns; We're also going to ask you to do something that's very hard...Digital Detox!

Turning off our devices these days is virtually impossible. And terrifying. But this weekend, we're finally doing it--together. No 'Night-Mode,' no 'Airplane Mode--' we're literally taking your phone away when you arrive. Even writing this makes us a bit anxious...but we all know how important this opportunity is, and how potent 3 days without screens will be for our whole being. So bring your books, bring your cameras, bring your musical instruments and knitting supplies. We're going back to a time before time before screens and swiping and tapping and all the digital stuff. Just breath, movement and a few days in analogue.

Are you up for it? Join us for this special long weekend at The Farm!


The Schedule

Yoga, meditation, journaling, farm tour and meal time will provide a loose structure for the weekend, leaving plenty of time to connect and enjoy The Farm. For those wishing to explore this part of the delta, consider brining your bicycle to ride around the island. Visit Bogle Winery on the neighboring island. Check out Locke, the last standing Chinese settlement built in the late 19th century. Or simply walk the fields.


What's Included

  • Outdoor yoga with Peter & Leia

  • Farm to Table meals with Chef Giovanna Garcia

  • BYOBike if you wish to ride around the island

  • BYOBooze - bring your own wine/beer

Your Chef

Giovanna Garcia

Giovanna Garcia

Giovanna Garcia is a Nutritionist & Certified Natural Chef with a passion for holistic nourishment (mind, body, spirit). Her cooking has an emphasis on organic and seasonal ingredients, highlighting nature’s flavors, and creating balanced meals. To learn more about Giovanna, visit www.apurifiedlife.com.

Peter Walters


About Peter Walters

Peter Walters is a student of life. His classes are from the heart, honest, powerful, sweet and devotional.

Peter strives to continue his studentship indefinitely and share the practice as it is shared with him from his teachers, bringing his own flavor, colors and joy to this ancient practice.

His classes are experiential and full of sweat, smiles, music, dynamic movement, stillness and an intentional breath that will leave your heart and body open and ready to begin again. In the end, this practice is about showing up, again and again in the present moment so we can be of service to all those around us.


About Leia Layus

The word yoga, from the Sanskrit word 'yuj"' means to yoke or merge. Through the years, Leia's yoga practice has become a space of unveiling one to the naked Self; A Submersion into our essence and nature around us. In her teaching she lyrically guides students to merge the poetry of the movement. Leia teaches a blend of  the traditional alignment styles of yoga that offer foundation,  grounded-ness, strength, as well as the fluid styles of vinyasa yoga. She continues to explore the subtler aspects of Satya Yoga that awaken us to grace, gentleness, and our sensual nature.  Choose a way in- each path leads to the state of yoga.